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High-Quality Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings Icons

A closed membership community

High-Quality HP and LotR Icons!
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This is an icon community, specific to the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fandoms. It is a closed community. I am leetje, the moderator. I took this community over from the original mod, whisperwords.

As of Sunday, February 20th, 2005, applications have closed again. Do not ask me to be added, I will not grant you access even if your icons are special. My mind has been made up, closed is closed.

The idea is that lotricons and hpicons are all fine and dandy, but there is stuff there that just does not sit well with some icon makers. Pictures are cropped poorly. Bad screencaps are used. Antialias is thrown to the wind, and people don't take into consideration the aesthetic quality of color coordination. In more recent times, people have been spamming those communities, posting things that aren't icons, and quite frankly, nine out of ten times, this non-icons spamming isn't worth the space it's taking up.

I have a friends-locked journal. Can I post a teaser here and then link people to the journal?
I'd rather you not. The point of this community is to share, and I would like for every member of our community to be able to share equally in everyone's icons. If you don't want to share all of your icons with the world at large, feel free to friends-lock your community post. However, sending people to a friends-locked icon journal makes it a little unfair, because you're forcing people to friend another journal to see your icons. Not everyone wants to friend a new journal just for one post!

I only make bases, and don't jazz them up at all. Can I post bases?
No. This community is goodhplotricons, not goodhplotrbases. Icons are modified. The image is filtered, brushed, brightened, cropped well, and text is added. All of that takes time and effort and shows great amounts of skill. Bases, on the other hand, often require no less work than cropping the image and putting a border on it. There is no way that the two compare.

What will you not allow into the community?
Simply because it requires more crediting than other things, this community will not allow any icons made from fanart. Often, they are of a lesser quality than other icons, and more often than not, the creator of the fanart does not know that their art is being iconned in the first place. Therefore, that is not a line that this community will be crossing.

What about making icons with other people's bases?
It is my firm belief that part of making good icons is making your own bases as well. One of the requirements for making it into this community is that you show proof that you can make your own bases. Once you're in, it doesn't matter if you use bases by other people, but to get in, you must show that you can make equally beautiful icons by starting from scratch as you can by adding to a pre-made base.

I post with [username], but I have another journal for icons. Will you add both to the community?
No. I only add one username per person, so make sure you tell me which username you'll be posting with. I want the member count to show the actual number of members, and if people have more than one journal added to this community, they throw off the number.

Anything Else?
You need to have a good grasp on proper English grammar and punctuation. Netspeak is not a good thing here, nor are sticky caps (i.e., tHiS cRaP) or ghetto-speak. Proper English simply looks cleaner, reads easier, and as far as I have been able to tell, those with a grasp on their English usually have a better grasp on what makes good icons.

You didn't accept me! You're so mean!
Well - no offense - but deal with it. Work on making your icons better. Take a look at what's here at goodhplotricons and learn. Also - being rejected does not mean you can never, ever, ever try again. Feel free to work on your technique and try again. Just know that being rude will not get you in later.

I got in at takenote_icons, but not here! Why are you so mean?
goodhplotricons is a much harder community to get into than takenote_icons. The two communities are in no way connected. The standard here at goodhplotricons is higher than at takenote_icons, and always has been. I, as the mod of this community, am the final word on membership here, and the fact that you got in at takenote_icons has no sway on me while reviewing your application. I judge on my own standards.

What's allowed at goodhplotricons?
Icons. That's it. There will be no pimping of new communities without permission from leetje, there will be no poetry, no fanfiction, no icon requests, and let me make it very clear right now: one violation of the only-post-icons rule and your posting access will be removed. There - it's in the user info. Complaining won't be tolerated.

Can I use the icons posted here?
Any and all icons that are posted here at goodhplotricons are posted with intent to share unless otherwise stated by the poster. In any case, when you get an icon from this community, you must credit the creator of the icon in the keywords when you use the icons. I cannot stress this enough. CREDIT. People take pride in their icons, and when you don't credit, you're technically calling something yours when it isn't. That's not cool.

Should I lj-cut?
It is good form to lj-cut large quantities of icons, so yes. Please, lj-cut. You may put one or two 'teaser' icons outside of the cut, but otherwise, lj-cut the icons themselves. Your personal sharing rules can be inside or outside of the cut.

Can I post one-icon posts?
Sure, if you really can't come up with more than one icon. However, it would be much more efficient if you would wait until you have at least 5-10 icons and post them in sets.

I didn't get accepted, but still want to watch your community. Will you add me if I promise not to post?
No. You can, however, friend the community without joining.

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